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The universal search button in the main toolbar allows you to search from any page. At the moment, it only searches people, but allows searching names, phone numbers, or email addresses. In the future it will gradually allow searching for other types of data, including songs & media.


To start searching, do one of the following:

  • Click the search icon
  • Type / on your keyboard

Type to search for people. Click a result or hit Enter once it's selected, to jump to that page. You can  use the arrow keys to change the current selection.

Types of Results

Search results are currently limited to People, though other types of data will be added in the future. Results are grouped using the following headings:

  • Person - The people you are most likely to choose are grouped at the top in a generic "Person" heading. They have previously been scheduled and can currently log in.
  • Never Scheduled - These people have never been scheduled. They are usually in the list because they are in your church's main Planning Center People database, but they have never been imported to the people page in Planning Center Services. Choosing a person who has never been imported will allow you to import them, send them a welcome email, and set any required tags.
  • Archived - These are people who have previously been imported to Planning Center Services but have since been archived. Selecting an Archived person will take you to their profile page where you can restore their account.
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