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The universal search button in the main toolbar allows you to search from any page. You can search for People, Songs, Media, Teams, and Positions.

To start searching, click the search icon or type / on your keyboard.

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Type in a search term for a person, song, media item, team, or position. If your search results include more than one category, any relevant category will be displayed.


Click or use the arrow keys to select a result and jump to that page. You can use the arrow keys to change the current selection.

The search results depend on the type of search you are doing.

People Results

People results are grouped using the Person or Never Scheduled headings.

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  • Person: The people you are most likely to choose are grouped at the top in a generic Person heading. They have previously been scheduled and can currently log in.

  • Never Scheduled: These people are usually in the list because they are in your church's main Planning Center People database, but they have never been imported to Planning Center Services. Choosing a person who has never been scheduled will allow you to import them, send them a welcome email, and set any required tags.

Song Results

When you select a song result, you are taken to the most recent arrangement of the song that you have visited.

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Team or Position Results

When you search for a Team or Position, the results displayed at the top of the list are teams that you are a Member or Leader for.

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