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Adding plans from multiple Folders into the Matrix can be time-consuming, especially if you do this on a regular basis. Well, we feel the same and have good news for you!

Introducing the Custom Matrix view

A Personalized View Every Time

In the new Matrix (now in beta for Admins, Editors, and soon for Schedulers) you can create your very own personalized Matrix view that can be saved just the way you like it. That way, you are always taken to the plans you want to work on, fully customized with what you want to see, while hiding the things you don't - all by using the Settings Sidebar.

Since your "Smart Load" settings are already a part of the Matrix, when you load a default or custom Matrix, it always knows which plans to load, and which sections to show.

Some Suggested Uses

  • Location-based: If you church has more than one campus, you can load Service Types from different Folders based on campus location.
  • Context is Key: Create different Matrixes for the same Service Type, based on how you need to plan. For example, you can focus on your "Worship Experience" by hiding everything except the Order and the teams related to music & production, while your other Matrix prioritizes the "Congregation & Guest Experience" by only showing teams like Greeters, Hospitality, and Ushers.
  • Ministry Minded: See your upcoming schedule for only the teams you lead, such as Children or Youth - hide all the rest for a cleaner page.

Creating a Custom Matrix

There are two ways to create a custom matrix.


First, by clicking the name of the current Matrix you are viewing, and then clicking the "New Custom Matrix" button in the dropdown.


The second way is from the Settings Sidebar. Click the “Add” button to add more Service Types, then choose “Create Custom Matrix” in the pop-up that follows.

Save & Switch Between Matrixes

Once the custom Matrix has been created, you can add the Service Types you’d like to see all together and give it your own customized name. Add as many custom matrixes as you need & switch between them for fast & easy planning!

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