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You can import a template or a recent plan into an existing plan. Recent plans include the last few plans you've viewed.

When you import a template, information from the template is added to the existing plan. It won't alter the existing plan information.


Administrators and Editors have permission to import items, notes, and people. Schedulers only have permission to import people from Teams in which they are a Team Leader.

From a plan, click Add, and then click Import template.

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Set up your import preferences. You will only be able to choose items that are available in the template you're importing.

  1. Select the template or plan that you want to import.

  2. Deselect items, notes, or teams from the template that you want to exclude from the import.

  3. Select My to view all teams you are a leader of or All for all teams.

  4. Plans that occur after this plan are listed. Check any plans in addition to the current plan that you want to import the template to.

Click Submit to apply the template or plan.


Importing a template doesn't link the template to your plan, so changes made to the template after the import will not affect any plans. If you import the template to existing plans, the template information will only add to the plan.

How Importing Affects Existing Plans

When you import a template into an existing plan or export a plan or template to an existing plan, the plan is affected as follows:

  • The information that you import from the template only adds to the plan.

  • If needed positions exist in both the template and plan, the highest number of positions is used in the plan.

  • Each imported person will fill needed positions in the plan that aren't in the template. For example, if you have 4 needed positions in the plan for the band, and the template has one person scheduled to the band, that person will be scheduled to the plan and there will be 3 needed positions.

  • Importing a person does not change the status of the person in the plan.Export/copy this template,

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