Export a Template or Plan 

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You can export information from a plan or template to create a new plan or template.


Administrators and Editors have permission to export items, notes, and people. Schedulers only have permission to export people from Teams in which they are a Team Leader.

From an existing plan or template, click the dropdown in the upper right corner and select Export plan.


Choose the options that you want to export from the template or plan.

  1. Deselect items, notes, or teams from the template that you want to exclude from the export.

  2. Select My to view all teams you are a leader for All for all teams.

  3. Choose where to export the plan.

Open the sections below to learn more about the different export options.

Export to Existing Plans

If you choose to export the plan or template to existing plans, choose the Service Type and plans that you want to export to.

modal_export to existing plans.png

The template information will only add to existing information already in the plans.

Export to Template

Choose the Service Type and number of copies you want to create, and then name the template.

modal_export to template.png

Export to New Plan

If you choose to export the plan or template to a new plan, set up the plan dates and times.

modal_export to new plan_numbered.png
  1. Choose the Service Type for the new plan.

  2. Choose the number of plans you want to create and the date that you want the plans to start.

  3. Choose the plan that you want to copy times from.

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