New: Email Parents of Teen Volunteers

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Earlier this year, we simplified the way we email people across all Planning Center products, only sending messages to the primary email addresses on a profile, ignoring any secondary email addresses. This has been well received in most cases, but it inadvertedly removed a workaround some families were relying on.

If you scheduled a teen volunteer and wanted the parent to get that email, you previously could add the parent's email address to the teen's profile and the message would be sent to all of those addresses. Changing the system to only send to the primary email prevented that workaround, and once we realized that, we knew we needed a better solution for that problem, but one that didn't muddy up your data by having email addresses for multiple people on one person's profile.

As of today, when you go to the profile of someone who is set as a child, you will see a new checkbox on the Communication tab within their profile to "Copy emails to household adults." Select any adults in their household and they'll be copied on each email sent to the child from Services. Because this is a copy, the child is required to have their own email address first.


In addition, if an adult in the household goes to their own My Schedule page and clicks the edit household button at the top right, they'll be able to set this option for themselves.


Now you can keep parents in the know and keep profile data clean, too!

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