Changed: No more push notifications to very old Services mobile apps

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Anyone using Services mobile for iOS or Android lower than version 3, which was released 5 years ago, will no longer receive mobile push notifications on April 4. The rest of the app will still function normally, but those users will need to rely on email for their notifications. We are sending a warning email to the 0.003% of users this will affect.


Technology is always advancing. At Planning Center we try to take advantage of new capabilities early, but support older technologies for as long as possible. Especially when it comes to hardware support, we know that buying new devices is expensive, especially for church budgets, so we try to support them as long as we can.

As we've been keeping up to date with our infrastructure, we're having to make changes to continue supporting push notifications, including old versions of Services mobile for iOS and Android. After finding that only 0.003% of Services mobile are even using those older versions, we've decided it's no longer wise to continue support those devices.

We will still support push notification for any version after version 3.0 which was released in January 2017, over 5 years ago. In addition, anyone on those older versions will still be able to use the app as normal, they just won't get push notifications and will instead have to rely solely on the email notifications.

We are sending an email to anyone who has used Services mobile version 1 or 2 in the last month to make them aware of this change.

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