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When working with songs, there are many places where you need to choose a key. It's never been difficult, but showing those keys in a simple list makes it just a little harder to pick out the sharps from the flats as they all tend to blend together a bit. To make this easier, we've designed a new three-column key picker with the flats on the left, the sharps on the right, and the main keys right down the middle.

When choosing a start key, the major/minor toggle is built in,

CleanShot_2022-03-24_at_08.19.10_2x.png   CleanShot_2022-03-24_at_08.22.51_2x.png

and when choosing an ending key, it's replaced by a button to keep it the same as the starting key.


You'll find this improved key picker almost everywhere you need to choose a key including when adding songs, arrangements, keys or capos, and when transposing audio.

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