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When we updated the plan page in September, we introduced some new ways to add items to the service order, and even created a video about it. Some of those changes brought more power and flexibility, and if you wanted more speed, you could use the shortcut keys. However, shortcut keys are less discoverable, so today we introduce a faster and more discoverable way to add all types of items to your order, the quick add item row!

If you have Editor or Administrator permissions, you will see an empty row at the bottom of a plan where you can type an item title, hit enter, and see it added to your plan. But there's way more power built in to that little bar.

  • Length. Type a length before or after your title and when you hit enter, it will be extracted to the length field. Use a time format like 4:30, or add a number plus M for minutes or S for seconds.
  • Song search. Type s and then space, and you'll enter song search mode, where you can search for a song and select it from the popup. If there is more than one arrangement or key, you'll see a popup to choose those, with the most recently used key pre-selected so you can hit enter to select it quickly.
  • Media search. Type m and then space, and you can search for any media.
  • Headers. Type h space, and then type your header title and hit enter to add a header row.
  • Drag first. If you want to add multiple items higher up in your plan, drag the quick add row up before you start adding, and all new items will be created in that position.

Quick add is perfect for when you already know what items, songs, and media you want to do. If you need to browse your library and get help deciding which songs or media you want to choose, you'll want to use the main Add button at the top right of the plan. That method opens the Song or Media drawers on the right with all of the filters and history available.

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