Archiving or Restoring a Team

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If you no longer plan to use a team, you can archive it so that it doesn't show up when scheduling plans. If you want to use the team later, you can restore it. For example, you might have a team that you use only for special services (such as a choir). If you know you won't be scheduling the choir for the next few months, you can archive it, and then restore the team when you need to schedule it.

If you mistakenly schedule a team to a plan, you can remove that team from the plan.

Archive a Team

If you have a team you no longer plan to use, archive it instead of deleting it. Archiving allows you to retain all your scheduling history when you look at old plans, but the team will be hidden for future scheduling.

To archive a Team, go to the Service Type Teams tab, and click the name of a team in the list.



Quickly archive a team by hovering over the team and typing x on your keyboard.

To archive the team, click the archive icon.

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When archived teams are hidden or shown

Archived Teams are Hidden:

  • When scheduling people to a plan, you will not have the option to schedule them to an archived Team.

  • When viewing all the Teams within a Service Type, archived Teams will not show.

  • When filtering people, archived Teams will not present themselves as options.

  • The Team page will not list archived Teams, unless you specifically filter to the Archived Teams.

  • When looking at a person's profile, you will not see any archived teams in their Team assignments.

Archived Teams are Shown:

  • When viewing plans where people were already scheduled to those Teams.

  • On the Teams page when filtering to Archived Teams.

Delete a Team from a Service Type


You can delete a team from a Service Type, which can be recovered up to seven days after deletion, but we highly recommend archiving instead. Deleted teams lose all scheduling history.

To delete an entire team from a Service Type, go to the Team page, and then select the trash can icon.


Restore a Team to a Service Type

Once you archive or delete a team, you can still restore it from a plan. Archived teams can be restored at any time.


Deleted Teams can only be restored within seven days of deletion.

From the bottom of the Teams page, select the Show Recently Deleted Teams button below your teams list.

show teams_arrow.png

Beside each of your Deleted and Archived teams, you'll see a Restore button. Select that button or use the 'r' hotkey while hovering over the team to make it active again.

archived teams.png

Remove a Team from a Plan

If you have already scheduled team members or needed positions to a plan, you will need to delete the individual people and positions in order to completely remove the team.

For example, to remove the Tech team from this plan, remove any scheduled people, then remove the needed positions.

remove team from plan.gif

After all needed positions are removed from the plan, the team no longer appears in the Teams list.

To add these people to the positions again, you will need to reschedule the needed positions and people.

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