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After you've created your teams and set a team leader, and assigned team members, you can set scheduling preferences, assign times for Split Team members, and email teams.

Set Scheduling Preferences

If you know the scheduling preferences for your team members, you can update them from the Position list. If you try to schedule someone to a plan that does not adhere to their preferences, you will see conflicts that can help you decide if you'd like to schedule someone else instead.

Hover over the Preferences column in a person's row, click the pencil icon next to their current preference, and then choose the new scheduling preference.

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If you want to assign the person to specific weeks, like the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month, select Choose Weeks, and then select the specific weeks.

Assign and Filter Split Teams

If the team is a Split Team, you can set time assignments for each person on the team.

Hover over the person's name, select the pencil icon, and then assign the time that the person wants to serve.

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You can filter a list of Split Team members by time assignments from either the All Team Members or Position list.

Click the time filter, and then choose the time assignments that you want displayed.

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If you filter your team to a specific time, adding a person will automatically assign them to the times in that filter

Email Team Members

You can email team members from the All Team Members list or a Position list.

If you want to email only people assigned to specific times on a Split Team, first filter the list for the people you want to email, and then click the email icon.

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Choose the email template, edit the email as necessary, and then click Send.

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If you need a printed list of your team, you can use the filters to get to exactly the group you need and use the print button.

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