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One of the reasons we redesigned the Plan page was to make room for exciting new features, and we’ve got a new one for many of you now. If you’re on a team that needs to access song files to rehearse (called a Rehearsal Team), we’ve designed an entire new view for you!


Next to the main tabs for Order and Teams is a new Rehearse tab that is focused around songs and their files. Songs from the plan are show on the left, and when a song is selected, its details, notes, and files are shown in the main panel on the right.

By default only songs are listed on the left, with the description and all notes showing on the right. Any user can include media or regular items using the dropdown box at the top left or they can hide any notes or details using the gear at the top right.

Files are grouped into Lyrics, Documents, Media, and Other so that it’s easy for anyone to find the file they’re looking for. Within those groups, if you are assigning files to people using Limited File Visibility and you have Viewer permissions or higher, files assigned to your position are at the top, and files for others are grayed out and are at the end of each list. Scheduled Viewers still only see the files assigned to their position.

If you have Editor permissions or higher, you will see a pencil icon in the top right. Clicking that will open the edit drawer so that you can make changes without having to go back to the Order tab.

Button vs Tab

The Order tab previously had a button labeled “Rehearse” on the top right. To avoid confusion, we removed the text from that button and replaced it with a simple music icon.




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