Edit a Song from a Plan

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You probably know that you can add a song from your Song library to a plan, but did you also know you can update arrangements, keys, and song files from a plan without going to the song page? This article will show you how!

To edit a song from a plan, click the name of the song in the order of service.


Edit the song item.

linked song_numbered.png
  1. Click the name of the song to go to the song page.

  2. Click to unlink the song from the plan and search for another song.

  3. Use the dropdowns to change the arrangement or key.

  4. Edit files from the Files tab.

files in item_numbered.png
  1. Hover over a file name to edit, transpose, download, view, or play a file.

  2. Click the pencil to edit a key.

  3. Add files to the song linked to the item.


For more information on editing a plan item, see the Edit Item Details article.

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