Moving to One Service Time

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If your services are moving to one service time, you want your plans to reflect that. However, you also want to make sure your teams are still being scheduled in a way that is easy to go back to multiple services again.

So, the week before your single service, disable any split teams, create a new template, and then remove the time from your plan.

1. Disable Split Teams

When you disable Split Teams, your team is assigned to the single time within the Plan.


Why not leave teams as split teams?

If you leave the teams split, you won't be able to create a new template for your single service. Templates can only be used for split teams if the new service time exists in the split team time preferences.

split team_uncheck.gif

When you disable split teams, the team members' time preferences will be saved for you to use if/when you enable in the future.

Previously scheduled plans will show people all on one team. However, when you click a person's name, the modal will show the single time they served in when the team was initially a Split Team.

position time.gif

2. Create a New Template

Create a new template for your single service structure.

single time template.png

3. Update Plan Times

Remove one time, and then update the other time (if needed) to reflect the new service time.

delete time.gif

Make sure the team is assigned to the new service time. Add the team to the service time, and choose to update future plans and assignments.

modal_update time.gif

From the new plan, you can schedule your team by importing a template.

When It's Time to Return to Multiple Times

When services return to multiple service times, you can then re-enable Split Teams from the Team Settings.

split team_check.gif

Previous time preferences will be restored, and old plans will return to showing the people assigned to the correct plans. 

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