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If there are specific item types you need to be able to find quickly in a plan, you can add colors to the rows for those item types so that you can identify them at a glance.

Edit Item Row Colors

To set custom item row colors, go to the service type settings.

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In the Item Row Colors section, you can:

  1. Add a new item type, and choose its color. Any item with this text in the title will show your chosen color.

  2. Edit a specific item row color by selecting the pencil icon.

Enable Item Row Colors

Item row colors must be enabled in the plan for you to see them.

Select the column options in the Order tab, and check the box to Use custom item row colors.

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Once you set this in one plan, the item row colors are enabled for all plans in the service type. This setting is stored in your browser.

Group Keywords with Item Row Colors

Some churches often repeat elements with slight differences during their services. Use item row colors associated with that element's keyword to identify these similar instances at a glance.

For example, add an item row color for the keyword "Prayer" and start all service prayers with that keyword to make them the same color on the Order tab, even though their titles may vary after the original keyword.

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