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If there are specific item types you need to be able to find quickly in a plan, you can add colors to the rows for those item types so that you can find them more easily.

Custom item row colors are set up from the Service Types settings. In order to see the custom item row colors for your specific account, you need to enable row colors in a plan.


Custom item row colors will not show up on a printed plan.

Set Item Row Colors

To set custom item row colors, go to the Service Type Settings.

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In the Item Row Colors section, you can:

  1. Add a new item type.

  2. Edit a specific item row color.

Add a New Item Type

To add an item type, click Add in the Item Row Colors section.

add item row colors_arrow.png

Type in a title for the item type, select a color, and then click Save.

choose color.png

Any item that has this text in the title will show with the color that you chose.

Edit an Existing Item Row Color

To edit an existing item row color, click the pencil next to the item type.

item row colors_arrow.png

Select the color that you want to apply to the item rows, and then click Save.

choose color2.png

Enable Item Row Colors

Before you can see custom item row colors for your specific account, you need to first enable row colors in a plan.

In a plan Order tab, click the display menu, and then check the Use custom item row colors box.

use custom colors_arrow.png

Once you set this in one plan, the item row colors will be enabled for all plans in the service type. This setting will be stored in your browser data, so the row colors will always show until you change the setting.

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