Using People to Recruit Volunteers

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Did you know that you can use Planning Center People forms and workflows to collect volunteer sign-ups and add people to teams in Services?


You will need access to People in order to create forms and workflows. Contact your Organization Administrator if you need permission to access People.

1. Set up a Workflow

You can set up a workflow that moves a volunteer through the screening and training process, and then adds them to a team in Services as the final step.

For example, if you want to set up an audition process for a worship team member before adding them to the team, you can set up a workflow with these steps:

  1. Email the person with their audition dates.

  2. Hold the audition.

  3. Send a follow-up email with audition results.

  4. Add the person to the worship team.

steps for worship team interest.png

After creating the workflow, you can always add people to the workflow manually , but it's usually more convenient to have them fill out a form.

2. Create and Share a Form

You can either create a form specifically for people to sign up for your worship team, or you can include a question field in a general volunteer form or a contact card form.

form_serving information.png

Once you've finished setting up your form, you can share it by sending the URL or embedding it on your church website!

3. Assign Volunteer to the Team

When a person fills out the form to show interest in joining the worship team, they are automatically added to the workflow.

serving information.png

When the person gets to the final step in the workflow, you can add them to the team.

perform action_add to team.png

You can now schedule this team member to a plan!

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