New: Option to Not Auto-Create Needed Positions

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When a person declines or is removed from the schedule, you usually need someone else for that role, so Services creates a needed position to make it easier to fill that spot. But some teams are more open-ended, like a Choir. You schedule the whole team and if some people can't make it, that's fine, you don't need someone else to take their place.

Today we released a new option for any team to prevent Services from creating a needed position when someone can't serve. This should ensure all team leaders have a consistent tally of how many spots are pending and need action.

To use this for your team, go to its setting page, and uncheck the new option!


Once this is unchecked, needed positions won't be created no matter how a person is marked as unavailable, including

  • When a scheduler removes someone from a plan
  • When a person's status changes to declined
    • Because they click decline
    • Because they blockout out a date that conflicts with a plan they've accepted
    • Because a scheduler imports a template, but a person had conflicts
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