Timecard Reports

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If you need to know how much time team members are serving, you can get this information by running a matrix timecard report. You might want to track this information for payroll, community service hours, or volunteer appreciation.

What's in a Timecard Report?

A timecard report includes the following information for the time period you choose:

  • Each service time the person is assigned to in a plan.

  • The start and end times, as well as the total time for that service.

  • The number of plans and the total time the person served.


Setting Up Times

The more accurate the time in your plans and team assignments are, the more accurate this report will be.

Before running a time report, make sure that:

Creating a Timecard Report

Set up the matrix for the weeks that you want to track, and then click the print button.


Select Timecard from the Select Report dropdown, select the output format, and then click Accept.

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