What is Services LIVE?

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Services LIVE helps you go through the order of service so you can communicate with your teams, keep everyone on track, and plan better for the future. It can be displayed in several different formats on monitors around your church if desired, and other team members can access it from their plan.


If the service order changes while someone is running LIVE, they will only see the change if they manually refresh.

Who can use LIVE?





Scheduled Viewer

Control LIVE




Access Chat


Available by default

* Available depending on settings

What does LIVE show?

Services LIVE has a control and display. Your volunteers can chat and see the order of service details on the control format, and others around your church can see the current and upcoming items from other displays.

The Normal Layout is great for your production booth or anyone calling cues, as it provides various details about what's happening now and coming up. It's also the only view where chat is visible.


Check out the sections below for more information on each section in this layout!


Depending on your countdown settings, see how much time is left in the current item.

  • Full Item Length: When you want your guest speaker to have their full 20 minutes, even if that makes the service run long.

  • End Item on Time: When you're trying to stay in sync with other services happening simultaneously, like if you need to start a video at the same time.

  • End Service on Time: If you have multiple service times, your service needs to end at a certain time to turn over the parking lot.


Use the arrows to cycle through items in the order of service. The items in Now and Next will change on your main screen and update any other screens watching LIVE.


You can also release control here or take control if needed.


Use these keys instead of the buttons to control movement between the items.

  • Go forward using the up arrow, right arrow, page down, or the space bar.

  • Go back using the down arrow, left arrow, page up, or shift+space keys.

Service Order

View the complete service order. You can scroll up or down to see past or future items and select which service time you want to view (if you have multiple times).


Times in yellow are recorded times; times in black are projected times. These numbers update as you move through your order.

Item Notes

See the Item Notes for the current item and next item, which is particularly helpful for the production team, who may need these details only during this portion of the service.



Using the chat in Services LIVE can be a great tool to communicate with many people simultaneously. Different chat tabs have different audiences. If you watch more than one service at the same time, each service shows in a new tab.


Scheduled Viewers cannot see chat.

If your permissions are higher than Scheduled Viewer, and you're still unable to see chat, clear your browser cache.

Organization Level Chat is viewable for anyone with chat access and is named the same as your church. This chat is handy for communicating with everyone watching.

Service Type Chats are grouped by service type and exclusive to those scheduled in that service type. Each service type chat has its own tab. Use these chats when you need to pass along messages to only those in that service.

View Sidebar

Open the right sidebar to keep tabs on other services happening at the same time.

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