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Services LIVE allows you to step through your plan in real time to keep track of timing, see your item notes during the service, and stay in sync. You can use LIVE from Services web or the iOS or Android mobile app.


This document has instructions on using Services LIVE. For information on setting Services LIVE viewing settings, see Services LIVE Viewing Settings.

Check out this video to learn how to use Services LIVE, and see the rest of the article for more details.


Only Editors and Administrators can control LIVE by default, but other people can be given control from Service Type Settings. Viewer and higher permissions can use chat.

To get to LIVE, click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the plan, and then click the Live button.


On the iOS or Android mobile app, tap Services Live.

plan_Services LIVE.png

If you have notifications enabled for the Services app on your mobile device:

  • You'll receive push notifications about LIVE if you leave the app or if your screen is locked.

  • If you close LIVE in the app to view something else in Services, you will not receive notifications.


If the order of service is changed during a service, you must refresh LIVE for the change to be recognized.

Control Panel

When you open LIVE, you'll be taken to the control panel Normal Layout.

  1. Change the view showing on the countdown.

  2. Control the service with the arrows or release control to someone else.

  3. View the overall Order of Service.

  4. See the Item Notes for the current item and next item.

  5. Chat with others viewing LIVE, who are listed on the right sidebar. Each tab is a different "room" based on the Church Name and Service Type Name.

To change the LIVE view settings, hover your mouse over the top of the screen to access the toolbar. In mobile, tap the dropdown arrow.


Control LIVE

Only the person that's currently controlling LIVE can move between items in the service. If you are in control, you can release control to someone else.

release control.jpg

If no one is in control, you can take control if you have permission to do so.

take control.jpg

If someone else is in control, an Administrator can take control from the person by clicking the dropdown.

in control.jpg

To record the actual time for each item, click Next when it's time to move to the next item.



You can use these hotkeys instead of the buttons to control movement between the items.

Previous -- Next

  • Left -- Right

  • Up -- Down

  • Page Up -- Page Down

  • Space -- Shift+Space

View and Edit LIVE Times After the Service

If you or someone else clicked through the items in LIVE, your plan will show the new LIVE times.

Create a report with those times in order to see your original plan and real times side-by-side, change the recorded times, or reset the times to clear them.

live times_numbered.png

Expand the corresponding section to learn how to use the feature.

1. Create a LIVE Plan Times Report

If you'd like to see the recorded times in a report, click the printer icon at the top of the plan.

The LIVE: Chat Log report will give you a report of the chat history during the service. The LIVE: Plan Times report will show you the actual times reported for each of the service items.

LIVE reports.jpg

Click Accept to populate the report.


All the conversation in Chat will also be printed on this report.

2. Change Recorded Times

If you moved to the next item too quickly or not quick enough, you can correct the time in LIVE. From the dropdown menu, click the Live button.


Select the time that you want to change, enter the corrected time, and the times will shift accordingly.

change times.gif

3. Clear Times

To reset the times, click Reset to clear them.


Your times will go back to their original plan times.

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