Improved: Adding Song Arrangements

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Adding additional arrangements to your songs has just become simpler and more powerful. We've removed some unnecessary fields, incorporated a popular recordings search, and added the ability to import RehearsalMix files.

Popular Recordings

Last year we added a Popular Recording search when adding a brand new song. We're now incorporating that same search when adding an arrangement. This automatically searches the RehearsalMix ( database based on your song's CCLI number. You can click the album art to hear a preview, choose an arrangement, or type your own arrangement name.


Design & Files

We've removed some fields that were there before (BPM, Meter, Length, End Key) because they're not important to set when adding an arrangement, and because if you choose a popular recording, they're set for you automatically. It's also quite easy to set them on the arrangement page later.


In addition, we've simplified the layout for importing files which gives us room to add a checkbox for RehearsalMix without cluttering the view. We hope this new cleaner view allows you to add new arrangements more easily and gets more of your files ready without needed followup steps. You can also expect to see these same changes come to our mobile apps in the next month or two!

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