New: Services Mobile 5.0 with Tab Navigation

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Services Mobile for iOS and Android has been updated to version 5. Here are the update notes.

Update Notes

Though things are quite different, the reason you hire us, is updates still come in spite of the virus. And this one’s quite big, you’ll know once you’ve seen, a refreshing new look while you’re still quarantined.

  • My Schedule’s design is quite a bit cleaner, block out dates from the top or email a Team Leader!
  • Dates you’ve blocked out can be found at the bottom, and not just your own, your household’s if you’ve got ’em.
  • With higher permissions you’ll find this quite fab, the main navigation’s been turned into tabs!
  • To see other plans for quick jumping around, swipe in from the left and the sidebar’s still found.

We thought through this shelter-in-place complication, we’d better one thing that’s been lost -- navigation.



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