Remove or Reset Scheduled Teams

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If you no longer need a team to be part of a plan, you can remove them or reset team members' status.

Before removing or resetting team status, contact team members to let them know what you are planning to do.

To remove a team or reset their status, go to the Teams tab in a plan, click the Actions dropdown, and select Bulk Edit.

Remove Teams

If you've scheduled teams to a plan and no longer need them, you can remove them, so you don't have a record of them serving if they didn't actually serve.

If you want to keep them on the plan while you're trying to figure things out, you can disable reminders, and then remove them after you're sure.

Select Remove Teams, and then click the Add button to select the teams to remove.

After adding your teams, click the Remove Teams button to remove them from the plan.

Reset Status

If you assembled your schedule a while ago but don't want to assume everyone's response is still valid, you can reset their status.

Select Reset Status, and then click the Reset All People button.

The status of all people scheduled to the plan will be reset to the default status of the team, which is usually pending. People who have declined will remain declined.

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