Rescheduling Plans

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If you need to reschedule your services, you can shift whole plans or orders of service out for as many as four weeks ahead.

From the left sidebar of any plan, expand the Times section, and then click the dropdown menu and select Reschedule Plan.

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Reschedule a Whole Plan

To reschedule a whole plan, choose Reschedule - Entire Plan.

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  1. Choose how many weeks you want to shift your plans.

  2. Check to reset each person's status to their team's default status.

  3. Click Reschedule Plans.

All times in this plan and all future plans in this Service Type will be shifted. If later you decide you've shifted them too far, you can shift them backwards.

After you've made your changes, make sure to send everyone an email letting them know of the change. Any team members who now have pending assignments on the schedule will have buttons to accept or decline their rescheduled positions.

Reschedule Order Of Service

If you want to shift the content of a plan while leaving people in place, select Reschedule - Order of Service.

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  1. Choose how many weeks you want to shift your order of service.

  2. Check to move the Plan Notes along with the order of service.

  3. Click Reschedule Plans.

New plans are created to contain the order of service information and the original plans are retitled to "Rescheduled".

In the original plan, you can create a new service, unschedule your people, or delete the plan completely.

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