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Whether you're sending an initial scheduling request or following up with additional information later, you'll start by emailing the people scheduled to your plan. When you do, you'll notice the popup that helps you choose those recipients has been updated with a new design that makes the process simpler. It also now restricts people with Scheduler permissions from emailing teams they don't lead.

Email Type

The old popup had a toggle at the top to choose between emailing people with Prepared Notifications, All People, or Needed Positions fo Signup Sheets. What was often confusing is that people with Prepared Notifications are just a subset of All People, not an entirely different type. In the new version, the toggle at the top is just to choose if you are emailing people who are scheduled already, or asking people who are not scheduled to sign up. 


If you want to only email people who have Prepared Notifications, that is now a checkbox at the bottom when emailing scheduled people. If there are people with Prepared Notifications in your selected teams, that option is checked by default, and the email icon is even inserted into the tally at the bottom to make that clear.

Choosing Teams

By default, teams in which you are a Team Leader will be selected automatically. If you aren't set as a Team Leader for any team you interact with, an Administrator can make you a Team Leader from any team's Member tab.

If you have Editor or Administrator permissions, you can select any other team even if they aren't chosen by default. Click the Add button in the Teams section and select those teams from the bottom of the list. Anyone with Scheduler permissions can now only select teams they lead.

Other Options

There are some other options that appear based on the plans you are viewing. If you select any Split Teams, a Times section will appear so that you can exclude teams for specific Service Times. When you send an email from the Matrix, you'll see a box with options to exclude specific plans that are loaded in the current Matrix view.


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