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Importing a template (or recently viewed plan) has gotten a substantial update that now allows you to choose specific teams, and to import to any or all of your future plans at once. If someone else creates the plans for your Service Type and you schedule people to plans that are already created, being able to import to many plans at once will be a big time saver.

In addition, Schedulers can now only import people from Teams for which they are a Team Leader.


Include Specific Teams

In the previous importer, you could import all teams in the template or none of them. The new version shows a checkbox for each team that exists in the template. You can click the "My" button to select teams you lead, or the "All" button to select or then deselect them all.

This popup continues to refine the "Scheduler" permission to only allow them to import teams they lead. Other teams will be grayed out, and they won't see the "My" or "All" buttons.

Showing Only What Exists

The previous version always enabled checkboxes for Items, Notes, and Teams, even if any of them didn't exist in the chosen template or recently viewed plan. Now, you can easily tell what will be imported, because anything that isn't in your chosen template or recent plan will not be clickable. In the screenshot above, the Default template does not contain Items or Notes, so those checkboxes are grayed out.

Import to Multiple Plans

Now in addition to importing to the plan you are in, you will now also see all the plans after it. Click the checkbox at the top to select all of those future plans, or select individual plans. When you submit, your template will be imported to all the plans you selected.

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