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Services is the Planning Center product that you use to schedule people to plans. You can add new team members directly from Services, but their profiles are stored in the Planning Center People database, so their information is available in any Planning Center product.

Because Services is made for scheduling and planning, it allows you to just see the people who plan services, schedulers, and team members within your church. These people are all listed on the People tab within Services.

Adding People to Services

Before you can assign people to teams and schedule them to a plan, they need to be added to Services. You can add people one of two ways:

Each person has their own permissions which can be different for each Service Type. A person can be an Administrator for one plan, but not be able to see other plans unless they are scheduled for it.

Your Planning Center People database allows for unlimited people, but Services is priced based on the number of team members. When you add a person to Services, they count against the number of Team Members included in the Pricing package.


Each person can log in to visit their Services profile from the web or the Services mobile app. From their profile, they can update their contact information, see which teams they are on, and more.

People with Scheduler permissions or higher can also visit the profiles of their team members to set most of these options for them.


Households let you keep track of families or people living in the same house. When your household is set up in Services, you can coordinate scheduling with other members of your household.

  • People with Scheduler permissions or higher can manage most aspects of households directly within Services, but households can be fully managed in People.

  • Once households are set up, anyone can view schedules, accept or decline requests, and manage blockout dates for their whole household from their My Schedule page.

  • Anyone can also set scheduling preferences to let their Team Leaders know whether or not they want to serve at the same times as other household members.


Each household member can view and edit the contact information of others in their household.

People Scheduling and Organization

People with Scheduler permissions or higher can schedule people to plans.

There are a number of tools that you can use to organize people, depending on your permissions.

  • You can add tags to people to help with scheduling and filter people using those tags.

  • Bulk edits allow you to add and remove tags, assign people to positions on teams, and update permission and file access.

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