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Services allows you to create stage layouts by choosing a background image and placing scheduled team members on it by dragging them around. The actual drag & drop stage layout editor hasn't changed, but the way you create them or edit them has. Instead of being a feature at the bottom of the Teams section of the plan, they are now treated like a special type of file and are created and edited from the Attachments section at the bottom left of any plan.

Creating a Stage Layout

To create a stage layout, click the button to add an attachment at the bottom left of a plan.


Next click the Stage Layout tab and choose a template.


You can choose one of the three included templates (Stage, Grid, Picture), or Administrators can upload a new picture to create a custom template by clicking the 'New Template' button at the top. If you do usually use your own custom picture, you can now use the all/custom toggle at the top to filter out the default templates and only see your custom templates.

Edit or Delete a Stage Layout

After you create a Stage Layout, it is available as a PDF file in the Attachments section to anyone who can view the plan. To edit or delete it, just hover over it and click the appropriate icon.



Since stage layouts were technically part of the Teams section, they only required a permission of Scheduler to create them. Now that they are officially a special type of file, they require the same permissions to create them as other files – Editor.

Our full article on Stage Layouts has more information.

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