Get Ready for Rehearsal 

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Rehearsal can be much more effective when everything is prepared and ready for you and your team to begin.

Before you get to rehearsal, you can set up the plan with times and songs, touch base with the worship team, and make sure your team comes prepared with Music Stand or the songbook.

Set Up the Plan

Set up rehearsal times and schedule team members:

  • Add Rehearsal Times to the plan, and make sure that every team that needs to be at the rehearsal is assigned to the time.

  • Schedule worship team members and notify them, even before all the music is ready.

  • If you schedule weeks ahead (do it!) and your team rotates, set up a reminder email for your team’s first time of the week.

Prepare your songs:

Prepare the Worship Team

  • Email your worship team once your songs are finalized or any time you make a change they should know about.

  • Encourage your team to practice songs ahead of time using the Media Player.

  • Remind the team to practice songs using Music Stand or the PDF songbook.

During Rehearsal

  • Access rehearsal tools from the plan Rehearsal tab.

  • Use Music Stand to load all your charts, turn pages with a swipe or a foot pedal, and take notes on your iPad or Android tablet.

  • Keep time together by syncing the metronome with your team, from the iOS or Android Music Stand app or the Media Player in the iOS or Android Services mobile app.

  • For less tech-savvy team members, print a PDF songbook with all the music for the service.

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