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Adding or editing times for a plan happens in a popup modal, and that popup has just been redesigned to make it faster and easier to manage your times. The general layout and features are pretty much the same, so it should feel familiar, but changes like smart end times and better default team assignments should make a big difference in helping you set up your times correctly.

Assigned Teams

One of the most common mistakes we see is having teams assigned to the wrong times. This can mess up how scheduling conflicts are determined, and confuses team members by showing the wrong times in scheduling emails, their calendar feed, and their online schedule.

The old design almost encouraged this bad behavior. When you created a new rehearsal or other time, all teams were assigned to it by default, requiring you to remember to unassign most teams. If you forgot, or just didn't notice, you'd make a Band Rehearsal and the Band, Vocals, Tech, and Ushers would all be assigned to it.

Old Edit Rehearsal Time Popup
The Old Time Popup (click to expand)

The new version treats service times differently than rehearsal and other times. Service times are still assigned to all teams by default, but rehearsal and other times are not. Instead, they aren't assigned to any teams and require you to pick which teams should be assigned. 

New Edit Rehearsal Time Popup
The New Time Popup (click to expand)

In addition, instead of showing you all teams and making you scan to see which ones were checked or unchecked, we now only show you the specific teams that are assigned. Teams that aren't assigned are hidden, but easily assigned with the add button at the bottom. And if you try to save a time without assigning any teams, you'll get an alert to make sure you haven't just forgotten.

Time Design

We've slowly been updating the way times are displayed and including the day of the week. This has been in our mobile app for a couple years, came to the My Schedule page earlier this year, and is making its way to the plan page starting here.

Edit Service Time Popup
Service Time Popup (click to expand)

Services times stand out more than other times by putting the day in a large circle. Rehearsal and other times also get the day of the week, but in a smaller rectangle. When we update the design of the plan page itself in 2020, you'll see the colored days there, too, making it consistent across all of Services.

Time Names

It's usually necessary to name your rehearsal and other times. It's rarely necessary to name your service times, since you usually just refer to them by their time–it's the 9am service. Since the old design was the same for all times, service times had an optional field for a name, so many people named them. The new version doesn't even include a name field for service times. If you need to add a name for a service time, you can switch the toggle to rehearsal, add a name, and then switch it back to Service.

Smart End Times

The second way people have gotten themselves in trouble in the past is by not setting an end time. Without an end time, your times have a 0-minute length, meaning they will never conflict with other times. The new version sets the end time one hour after the start time and even adjusts as you change the start time. You are free to change the end time, but by default, new times will be one hour long.


These changes should allow you to think about times less, yet still have a more accurate setup. It's about time!

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