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A new "never or before" option has been added to a few of the date filters on the People page.

Until now, if you were trying to find people who haven't blocked out dates recently, you would add a filter for people whose "Last Set Blockouts" was before 3 months ago. 


The problem with the before filter is that is does not include people who have never set blockouts. If you're looking for people who haven't blocked out dates recently, you probably want the people who only did it a long time ago or never did it.

To solve this problem, we've introduced never or before.


As you can see by looking at the Last Set Blockouts column, the never or before filter is including people who have never blocked out dates, and people who last blocked out dates before the date chosen.

This new filter is currently only available on the People page for the following date filters:

  • Last Set Blockouts
  • Last Logged In
  • Last Scheduled Plan

We plan to bring this option to similar date filters on the Songs and Media pages over the next couple of months.

Update on September 23

The filter was named "Not Since" when it was first released. To clear up confusion, it was renamed "Never or Before" and this article was updated.

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