Improved: Home Folder is now Current Folder

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If your church has many folders and subfolders, it can be hard for a new scheduler or editor to find their way around. For this reason, when you add a new person, you can start them off in a folder that's right for them by setting this folder on the Details tab of their profile page. This used to be called their Home Folder, but has been renamed their Current Folder.


The functionality has not changed, but the name should be more reflective of how the feature has always worked. Setting their Current Folder is mostly helpful for first time users so that when they log in and go to the Plans page, they are already in the right place. However, if they move around to different folders, that new folder is their Current Folder. 

The previous name, Home Folder, made it seem like it was a permanent setting. The new name, Current Folder, makes it clearer that its value changes as the person navigates to other folders.

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