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When you add a media item to a plan that has a Text Doc set to import to Item Details, the title of the Text Doc no longer imports, just the content of the Text Doc itself. The title of your Text Doc is almost always the title of your plan item, so this prevents duplicate titles.

More Detail

If you have documents you reuse or share, you can add Media to the Media tab, and then create a Text Document attached to that media. When you link that media to a plan, the Text Document shows up as a PDF file. Text Docs are often used for drama scripts or liturgical items.

When creating a Text Document, there is a box you can check to "Import to Item Details".


If this box is checked, when you link the media to a plan, the text will be imported to the plan Item's Details field. Since Item Details can be printed out inline with other items, this allows you to have a more detailed printout.


Previously, the Text Document's title was also imported, so when you printed the plan above, you'd see "Nicene Creed" (the item title) and directly underneath you'd see "Nicene Creed" the Text Document title. With today's change, we no longer import the Text Document's title, making it easier to avoid duplicate titles.

In addition to importing the text, when you link a Media Item, the Text Document is still linked as a PDF file, and if you view the file itself, it will still have its title. The title is only omitted when importing the text to Item Details.



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