Uploading, Linking, and Creating Files

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There are different ways to make files available to use in Services, depending on the file type. You can upload files from your computer, link to a URL or video file, or create the files from within Planning Center.

Consult the article on Copyright Concerns before attaching music without a license.

Upload Files

You can upload file to a plan attachment, song or media item.

Click browse to find the file or drag and drop it on any screen.

We recommend .pdf files and .mp3 files. All other files do not always open correctly on all devices.

File info

Once your file is uploaded:

  1. For Songs files, choose to attach them to the arrangement (which makes them available for all keys) or to specific key.
  2. If you are using our advanced Attachment Types feature to hide files for certain people, set the type here.
  3. Add more files by dropping them in this window or clicking browse.

Click Done when you're finished adding information.

On the Media page, if you don't need to share the large full resolution file from Planning Center, but just want get an online preview of it after the thumbnail preview is generated, you can delete the original file to save file space.

Create Files

There are three types of files that you can create in Services:

  • Lyrics & Chord charts can be created from scratch or you can customize files that you obtain from SongSelect or PraiseCharts.
  • Text documents can be used for sermon notes, announcements, or liturgy, and you can later edit them in Planning Center.
  • Stage layouts show where you want people to stand when they're on stage. You can use a pre-made template or create your own.

These files shared in Services in PDF format, but the original files can be edited at any time.

Next Steps: After uploading, linking, or creating the files, you can add them to a plan.

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