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If you make changes to plan items after people have already been scheduled, make sure to let people know about the update.

Inform Teams of Changes

To let scheduled teams know about changes that you have made, go to the Teams tab and click the email icon.


Choose the teams that you want to send the email to, select the statuses to include, and then click Next.


By default, only teams that you lead will be selected as recipients. To add additional teams, click the Add button.

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Compose the email and update recipients, as needed.

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If you use this email often, consider creating an email template that you can reuse.

You can also create a note in the plan from your email with Suggested Notes! 

How Do I Know Who Changed Something?

If you have a question about something that has changed in the plan, you can contact the plan collaborators for more information. Collaborators are people who have added or edited an item, note, person, or needed position in a plan.

To view plan collaborators, click the Actions dropdown in the upper right corner of a plan and select Collaborators.


Click on the picture of a collaborator to see their name and when they made the update.


To update the types of collaborators that are visible, click the Types dropdown and make your selection.

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