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The Filter bar and menu allow you to narrow down items in the media library based on Content, Tags, and History.

Filters are applied instantly and can be pinned so they're automatically applied when you first load the page. Filtered results then allow you to take targeted actions using the action bar.

Search for Media

To search for an item in the Media library by title, type the title or part of the title into the search bar, and then press Enter to return a list of media with those words in the title.


Add Filters

To filter the media list using other criteria, click Filter at the top left of the Media library.



You can also type f to quickly open and close the filter menu.

The filter menu is broken up into three main tabs. Select a tab to see its filters.


You can filter by any combination of media type, creator, or theme.

filter by content.png


You can filter media by tags or tag groups.

Choose any combination of media tags to filter the media list. You can filter by tags that you want included or don't want included.

filter by tag.png

You can also change the tag for a specific filter type from the search bar by clicking the tag and choosing other options from the dropdown.

filter options.png


Edit tags or tag groups using the Edit Tags button at the bottom of the Tags filter tab.


You can search the history of when media items were last scheduled and when they were created or updated. You can also choose to show archived media items.

filter by history.png


When you update filter criteria, make sure that any filters you no longer want to use are removed from the search bar; otherwise, your next search will return incorrect results.

Pinned Filters

If you want to pin a filter so that it shows every time you go to the Media library, click the filter in the search box, and then click Pin.

pinned filter.gif

Pinned filters will turn yellow.

To unpin the filter, expand the filter and click UnPin or click Remove to remove it completely.

Filter Logic

Knowing the logic of how filters work can help you apply some more advanced filters in different ways.

Sometimes you want to find a media item that has Option A and Option B, and sometimes you want to find a media item with Option A or Option B.

  • When you add additional filters, you can imagine the word AND between them.

  • When you select options within a single filter, you can imagine those options are joined together with the word OR.

filter and or.png

In the above example, Image and Video are part of the same tag type, so selecting both means that the filter returns a list of all media with either of these tags. Announcement is part of a different tag type, so adding this narrows down the list to only Images or Videos that are also tagged as Announcements.

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