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If you have Media items that you've used in the past, but no longer plan to use, you can archive them. For example, you might want to hide one-time Christmas or special event media if you won't use them the rest of the year.

Archived media items are hidden in the main Media page list unless you filter for them. They will also not show up when you're adding media to a plan.

Archive Media

You can archive a single media item or select multiple items to archive in bulk.

Archive a Single Media Item

From the individual media page, archive the item now, or click Later to choose a date that you want to archive it.

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Files within archived media do count against your allotted file storage space, so if you are sure you won't use the media again, delete its files. The image or video preview thumbnail will remain and does not count against your file storage.

Archive More Than One Media Item

To archive more than one media item at a time, select each of the items that you want to archive from the Media library, and then click the green pencil icon.

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Select Archive from the Archive dropdown, and then click Update Media.

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Where archived media are hidden or shown

Archived media is hidden from:

  • Scheduling Media. When adding media to a plan, you will not see archived media.

  • Media Filters. When filtering media, archived media will not show as options.

  • The Media Page. The media page will not list archived media, unless you specifically filter for it.

Archived Media is shown:

  • When viewing plans where that media was already added to the Order of Service.

  • After specifically filtering to Show Archived Media.

Restore Media

To restore an archived media item, first set the Show Archived Media filter in the History filter tab.

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Restore a Single Media Item

From the archived media list, select a media item, and then click the Restore button.


Restore More Than One Media Item

To restore more than one media item, select the items that you want to restore in the Media library, and then click the green pencil.

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Select Restore from the Restore dropdown, and then click Update Media.

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Delete Media

If you decide you won't use a media item again, you can delete it from the Media library.


If you delete a Media item, it cannot be recovered. If you think that you might want to use the media item again, archive it instead of deleting it.

Click on a media item in the library. From the media item page, click Delete Forever.

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If you don't want to delete a whole media item, you can delete the media file from the item.

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