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Arrangements are like different versions of a song, each with its own files. When you add a song to a plan, you choose one of its arrangements, and just the files for that arrangement and its chosen key show in the plan. Common uses for arrangements include:

  • Different recorded versions of a song.

  • A separate condensed version of a song you play as a closing.

  • A version for a different ministry that formats their charts differently. Even if it’s technically the same version, making a separate arrangement allows you to keep files separate.

After adding a song, you can add another arrangement or edit the original arrangement.

Check out the following video on adding an arrangement, and then read the rest of the article for more details.


Add a New Arrangement

You can add a new arrangement to a song from the Songs page or from a plan.

To add a new key from the Songs page, go to the song, and click Add in the left panel.


To add a new arrangement from a plan, click on the song in the plan to edit it, and from the arrangement dropdown, click Add arrangement.


Choose one of the popular recordings on the list, or click Create a new arrangement and type in the arrangement name.


You can tap the artwork on an arrangement to sample the arrangement.


Add arrangement information.

  1. If you add your own arrangement name, use the artist, style, or a ministry in your church to help you differentiate it from other arrangements when scheduling.

  2. Select the arrangement keys.

  3. Add tags that you can use to filter arrangements.

  4. Add files, import SongSelect and PraiseCharts files, or link to Rehearsal Mix files if the integrations are enabled.

When all the information has been entered, click Submit, which will prompt you to add a key.

Edit the Arrangement

Select an arrangement tab to view information about the arrangement and make edits to song details, arrangement files, tags, and notes.

  1. Tab between the arrangement title, song length, BPM, meter, or sequence to edit them directly.

  2. Click + to add files to the arrangement.

  3. Transpose audio files.

  4. Enter lyrics & chords to create PDFs which will be transposed to any key you add.

  5. Manage files and drag and drop files to the specific key.

You can also view the dates of each plan that used this arrangement, assign tags to this arrangement to help you filter later, and notes about the song.

Copy, Archive, or Delete an Arrangement

You can copy, archive, or delete an arrangement by clicking one of the icons in the top right of the page.

  1. Create a copy of the arrangement, and then rename it.

  2. Archive the arrangement if you no longer plan to use it. You can restore it later.

  3. Delete the arrangement only if you have never used it.


Deleting the arrangement or the song removes all the history of the song and cannot be undone. You should only use the delete option if you've never used the song or arrangement.

Now you can add keys to the arrangement!

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