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Keys are are part of arrangements and help you keep your files organized. Create a new key in your arrangement and edit the key details to quickly choose the correct key and its files when adding a song to a plan.

Add a New Key

To add a new key, click Add Key from the key navigation.

add a key

Add key details.

key information
  1. Most songs with a CCLI# have a default key, which will already be set. If your song doesn’t have a CCLI#, or if your song has a key change and ends in a different key, set that here.
  2. If this is a key a certain worship leader prefers or is the preferred congregational key, enter it here.
  3. Add an alternate key to get Capo versions of chord charts. Any chord charts made using our Lyrics & Chords Editor will give you charts in the main key and any alternate keys you add to a plan.
  4. If you've integrated with SongSelect or PraiseCharts account, you can import available files.

Click Save to be taken to the Song Page.

Edit or Delete a Key

To edit a key, click the key itself.

Edit key gif

Deleting the key cannot be undone.

Edit its settings and click Save, or delete the key by clicking Delete.

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