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A brand new version of the main Songs page is open for business! The simplified layout brings all the focus to your songs, hiding both the filter sidebar and arrangement details until you expand them. The biggest new features are bulk editing, an improved filter bar that allows you to pin filters and change them on the fly, and a simplified Add Songs popup that allows searching popular recordings and adding more files. We've also consolidated all song-related settings, including integration setups, into the new page.

Focus on Songs

The table in the old layout had rows for each arrangement of a song. This allowed you to click on an arrangement name to go directly to its details. The new layout only shows you song names, but take you to the most recent arrangement you visited when you click. You can also expand any song and see its arrangements, or click the expand-all triangle at the top to see all arrangements.


The song row itself rolls up all the arrangement data, showing the low-high BPM of all its arrangements, or all the file types or keys available across all arrangements.

Pinned Filters

The filter bar is now interactive, making it much easier to change your filters and find songs with specific criteria. If you have a filter you always want applied, pin it, which turns it yellow, and it will be applied any time you come to the Songs page.


Use pinned filters with tags to open up the following possibilities:

  • Add a Season Tag Group with tags for Christmas and other holidays, then choose None to exclude all seasonal songs the rest of the year.
  • Add a new Tag Group called Library (or Ministry), with tags for multiple song libraries to easily switch between them.
  • If different worship leaders have their own songs, add a "Leader" Tag Group to easily switch between leaders.

Improved Filters

Filters.pngThe filters sidebar is now hidden until you click the Filter button, and they're organized into four sections – Music, Content, Tags, and History. There are two new filters, Song Creation Date and Copyright, but the improved filters are more noteworthy.

  • The Lyrics filter now searches just the lyrics and excludes chords and performance notes that might be interspersed with lyrics to make a chord chart. Searching for "Amazing" will now work even if the original text is "A[G]maz-ing" as part of a chord chart.
  • The "Service" filter has been improved to become "Last Scheduled Plan". In addition to seeing any songs planned in a Service Type, you can now scope that to specific dates.
  • Tag filtering is much more flexible, allowing you to include or exclude tags using "WITH" and "NOT" sections for each tag.

Bulk Editing

You can now edit many songs or many arrangement at once. This is especially helpful if you decide you want to change how you tag your songs to better organize your library. Click the pencil in the results header and choose whether you want to bulk edit Songs or Arrangements.


If you choose Songs, a checkmark will appear to the left of all Songs. If you choose Arrangement, all songs will expand to reveal their arrangements, and each arrangement will have a checkbox. Make your selection by using the checkboxes, and then click the newly green edit pencil to set your Bulk Edit options.


Bulk Editing gives you options to

Add a Song: Search Popular Recordings

When you add a new song you can now search by Popular Recordings, which searches the RehearsalMix database. This allows you to choose a specific version of the song and even play a sample by clicking on the album artwork.


When you choose one of these recordings, the length, BPM, and other metadata are automatically set. You'll also have the option to add the associated RehearsalMix files on the next screen.

If you don't want to search by Popular Recordings, you can switch the tab to All Songs to use the CCLI search, and it will remember your preference in the future.

Add a Song: Simplified with Include Files

We've greatly simplified the process of adding a new song. We removed many of the detail-oriented fields like length and BPM, and we're now only showing Required Tags by default, with an Add Tag button if you'd like to add more. (You can still add all those things after the song is created.)


Removing those gave us room to add options for each of our song integrations. If you've enabled integrations with SongSelect, PraiseCharts, or RehearsalMix, and the song or arrangement you've chosen supports it, you'll be able to chose to import those files during the creation process.

There's also a checkbox to upload or link more files. If you choose that, when you click next, it will create the song in the background and take you immediately to the add file popup. That feature isn't that exciting here on the Songs page, but in the future when we start to use this same popup in plans or the Matrix, you'll be able to add a song, add all its files, and add it to your plan without leaving whatever screen you're on.

Improved Top Songs

We've long had the ability to view a list of the most popular songs planned across all churches for the next couple of weeks. We've made a few changes here as well, including moving it to the Add Song popup.


The actual Top Songs popup now shows you last week's Top Songs and allows searching results by title, theme, and now author or copyright, too. The Last Year column still shows you the difference in ranking compared to the same week last year, but we've made a minor adjustment to the actual rank when it comes to ties.


Previously, if two songs tied for 10, the next song would be 11, even though it was actually the 12th song in the list. The new ranking skips over numbers when there is a tie, ranking that next song 12.

Consolidated Integrations

And finally, we've brought all song-related integrations and settings into one place. The gear at the top of the page allows anyone to see the status of each integration, even if they don't have permission to edit it.


We hope these changes make it easier than ever for you to manage your song database!

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