Moving from One Church to Another

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If you've moved from one church that uses Planning Center to another that uses Planning Center, the new church will need to add you to their account. Once they do so, you'll receive a "Welcome to Planning Center" email.

You can keep your profile at the old church so that you can still access your information there, or you can choose to remove your login if you're sure you'll no longer need it.


Planning Center cannot move your account from one church to another.

Remove Your Email from An Account

If you've left a church and want to remove your profile, ask an Administrator at that church to archive your account.

If you don't want to ask to have your account archived, but you no longer want to receive communications from the church, you can remove your email address from your profile.


If you remove your email from your profile, you won't be able to log back in to get your history from that church.

To remove your email from an account:

  1. If your accounts are linked, unlink them.

  2. Log in to the Planning Center account for the church you are no longer attending.

  3. Go to your profile, remove your email address, click Save, and then log out.

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Keep Both Accounts

If you need to keep access to both churches, you can either link your accounts or use a separate login for each one.

Link Accounts

If you want to be able to use one login for both accounts, you can link accounts.

If you link accounts between two churches:

  • You can share blockout dates with both churches.

  • One church can see your conflicts at other churches.

When you log in, Planning Center will ask which account you want to log in to and allow you to switch between your multiple accounts easily.


Keep Logins Separate

If you want to keep your service schedule separate between the two churches, use separate logins for each church.

When you set up your account at the new church, use a password different from the password you used for the previous church.

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  1. For accounts with two-step verification enabled, choose the highlighted button and follow the steps to change the password

  2. For accounts with no two-step verification, check the box next to the accounts that need a new password, and then choose the highlighted button.


    If your email address or phone number is shared with other people, only check the boxes with your own name. Checking someone else’s name will reset their password. If you do reset someone else’s password by accident, they’ll receive an email letting them know it’s been changed and how to fix it.


If you don't know what your password is for any of your accounts, you can always get a link sent to you by entering your email address here:

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