Improved: Send Plan Emails to People Not in the Plan

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When sending an email to All Scheduled People in a plan, you can now add additional people to the email that aren't scheduled to the plan.


Click "Add" and type the name of the person you'd like to add as a recipient.

Ensuring Plan Permissions

If you try to add someone without permission to view the plan, you'll get an alert instead.


Where This Works

You can only add people to emails when you send an email in the following ways:

  • From a single plan page on the full website.
  • Choosing "All Scheduled People" from the first options

Where This Does NOT Work

  • From the Matrix. Adding a recipient checks their permissions against a plan. In the Matrix, multiple plans are available and each person might have access to some plans, but not others, so this feature does not work when emailing from the Matrix.
  • When sending Prepared Notifications. Prepared notifications alert people that they have been scheduled to the plan, so you can't email people who have not been scheduled.
  • When sending Signup Sheet notifications. Signup Sheet emails let people know they can sign up, so adding people who can't sign up is not allowed. 
  • From the mobile app. This might be added eventually, but is not available at the moment.



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