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After you created your service and added songs to your song library, you can set up items and songs in the plan.

Add Items

Start to set up your service by adding items.

Click add your first item.

Fill out the item details, such as the time the item will take, description, notes, and any linked songs or media, and then click Accept.

Continue to add additional items to set up your order of service.

Add Songs

Before you add songs to the plan, you need to add them to your library.

When all the songs that you want to use for the service are added to the library, hover over add an item and select Add a Song.

Search for a song that you want to add, and select it from the list.

Add any necessary details for the song, and make sure the right arrangement and key are chosen so that your team members can see the correct files.

When all the song details are correct, click Accept.

Drag the song to where you want it to be in the order of service.

Hover over the rehearse button to see options for Music Stand, the Media Player, and Download All PDFs.

You did it! To learn how to manage your song library, check out this article on Song Basics.

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