Fix: Scheduling History from Archived Teams

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When looking at a person's scheduling history on their profile, or creating a List in Planning Center People that looks at scheduling history, the history will include activity from archived Teams.

Last year we introduced new features that allow you to archive a Team, or even archive an entire Service Type (which archives all the Teams in the Service Type). If you delete a Team, you lose all its scheduling history; it's almost like it never existed. So instead, to clean up your account of Service Types or Teams you won't be using in the future, you archive them.

The problem was, the very thing we were trying to retain (scheduling history), we weren't doing a great job of showing. When you went to a person's profile and viewed their schedule, it would never show their history from archived teams. Similarly, if you use the Lists feature in Planning Center People to view scheduling history, it wouldn't return people scheduled to teams that are currently archived either.

Today's fix ensures that when you are asking for scheduling history, you see it for all teams, including archived teams, when looking from the following places:

  • Profile pages
  • Lists in Planning Center People
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