Scheduling Basics

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After setting up a plan and creating your teams, you can start scheduling people to your plans.

This article contains the basic information about scheduling team members directly to a plan. For a more complete article with other scheduling options, see the Scheduling People article.

Schedule Team Members

To start scheduling team members to a plan, choose Schedule a Team member from the the add people dropdown in the Teams section.

Use the Team and Position dropdowns to choose the team and position that you want to schedule, and then click a person's name.

Make sure that the information is correct, and then click Save.

Send Notifications  

Once everyone is scheduled, they will usually have email icons next to their name. These indicate that you have not actually notified them yet, and they are not yet officially scheduled.

Once you are ready for them to see the plan and respond, send the prepared notification emails.

After the notification email has been sent, the email icon next to people's names disappears, and they will know they are scheduled and can respond to the scheduling request.

Follow Up

After sending the initial scheduling emails, you can send additional follow-up emails, or you can set up automated reminder emails.

  • Follow-up emails. After people are scheduled, you can follow up with them any time by sending a scheduling email from a plan. If you email people that have not responded to the plan, the follow-up email will give them an additional chance to respond.
  • Reminder emails. These emails can be set up to automatically remind people of their assigned positions.

Templates make scheduling so much faster! Now that you know the basics, you might want to check out the the article on Setting Up Scheduling Templates for instructions and a video on how to set one up.

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