Household Scheduling

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If other members of your household use Services, you can see their schedules, respond to scheduling requests, and set blockout dates for the whole household.


To see your household members' schedules, you must have a household set up in Planning Center. Click the Email My Leader button on the My Schedule page to ask your leader to set up your household. The household will show as Pending on a person's profile until the primary contact or a People Manager verifies it.

Household Permissions

In order to respond to scheduling requests for other adults in your household, you need to get permission. Click their image.

household members permissions_arrow.png

You'll be prompted to send that person an email requesting permission to access their schedule.

You can also request to be cc'd on all emails from Services that go to a teen in your family. Click the house icon to be taken to the permissions.


If your teenager has a primary email address on their profile, you can copy yourself to their emails by clicking the checkbox. 



This option will be disabled if their email address is the same as yours.

View Schedules

Click the picture of someone in your household to show their schedule with yours.

household members permissions_arrow.png

Once another person is enabled in your filter, the icons on the rest of the My Schedule page change to include that person's schedule. This allows you to see which people have been requested for each plan and which times they have been assigned to.


Assigned Times

If your teen serves at church, and you're the one responsible for getting them there, you probably need to know all the dates and times they are scheduled for. You can see those times by clicking the clock icon at the top right of any plan card.


You can also see a list of all services, rehearsals, and other times under the calendar. The list view adjusts depending on the calendar view.

sidebar schedule_arrow.png

Accept or Decline

You can respond to scheduling requests for your household members that have schedules shown in My Schedule.

pending responses_numbered.png
  1. Use the Accept All button to accept all of the scheduling requests that are visible on your schedule.

  2. Use the buttons at the bottom of any plan card to respond to a schedule request for everyone shown on that plan.


If you don't personally have access to a plan, you can still respond to it for someone in your household, but the plan itself will be grayed out, as seen in the screenshot above.

Signup Sheets

You can sign up your household members if their team is using Signup Sheets and their schedule is enabled on your My Schedule Page. Click Sign up to open the Signup Sheet modal.


The name of the person you are signing up will be displayed at the top of the modal along with the dates and their available positions. Check the box next to the position(s) that you would like to sign your household member up for.

signup modal - household_signup.png

You can view more details about each commitment by selecting Times or Teams next to the position. If there are scheduling conflicts, you can review and resolve them by selecting the View Conflicts button when present.

Once you have completed the signup sheet, click the sign up button in the bottom right to submit it.

Block Out Dates

Blocking out dates for your whole family is easy! When you block out dates for yourself, you have the ability to add blockouts for everyone in your household.

Make sure that the faces of everyone that you want to include in the block are highlighted, fill out the blockout information as you normally would for yourself, and then click Save Blockout to save the information.

modal_blockout dates.png
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