Improved: File Activity from 2 Years or More

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When you edit an uploaded file, the Access Log shows when a person viewed or downloaded that file. This is mostly to help verify recent activity, so until now, we were only showing activity from the last two years.

If you are tracking file licenses, the Access Log can also be used to verify the number of people who have ever accessed the file to validate the licenses used. If a person's last access was over two years ago, however, they wouldn't be shown in the Access Log at all, and it was making the license count look wrong.

We are still showing activity from the last two years with a row for each day with activity, but in addition, we have now added a summary for people whose only activity is over two years old. 


If a person's only activity is two years ago or more, they will be listed once showing only the year in which they last accessed the file. Larry downloaded this file in the last two years, so we see the exact date. Kevin last downloaded the file over two years ago so we only see that his last access was some time in 2016.

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