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Add audio files, chord charts, and other music files to your song library so you can reuse them by linking to them from any plan. The Songs tab gives you a place to organize your songs and their files. There aren't any songs or files included with your account, but it is easy to import songs using our different integrations or add your own.

First, you need to create a song, then you can upload or link to files or attach files from integrations like RehearsalPack, ChartPro, SongSelect, PraiseCharts, or RehearsalMix.

Upload or Link to Files

When you are ready to attach files, click the + button next to Files in the song arrangement.

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Upload Song Files

Browse for a file on your computer or drag and drop the file to upload it.



You can also drag files directly onto a key, arrangement, or song Files box.

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Link to Song Files

To link to files on iTunes, Spotify, or Amazon, click the Files + button in an arrangement, and then choose the appropriate tab.

Use the search at the top to find the song, and then click the + icon next to the version you want to link to.


The links will show up in your public plans, so anyone who views that plan will be able to find the songs for themselves.


To play songs linked from Spotify, you will be sent to the Spotify app.


You can attach song files from RehearsalPack, RehearsalMix, SongSelect, or PraiseCharts if you have the integrations set up with Planning Center.

  • RehearsalPack allows you to import both chord charts and audio files for rehearsal and planning. These can be imported when you create a song, when you create an arrangement, when you add a key, or manually. 


    If you are subscribed to ChartPro and have enabled it through Multitracks, you can add files, song maps, and lyrics from the Add File Modal. Standard song allotment rates apply.

  • ChartPro provides lyrics, chord charts, and song maps.

  • If you have a subscription to SongSelect that includes chord charts, you can import them automatically when you create new songs, arrangements or keys.

  • PraiseCharts lets you purchase many types of song files, including chord charts, lead sheets, and orchestrations.

  • RehearsalMix is a great resource that allows musicians to hear and learn each individual part.

Organize Song Files

Organize your song files so that people can access them from the most logical location.

You can move files within an arrangement by dragging to the other boxes or even onto the navigation buttons underneath.

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For audio and video files, we recommend using .mp3 and .mp4 files, as these are compatible with the Media Player.

Move files to other arrangements or to the Song level by dragging onto tabs. If you drag a file from a key onto another arrangment tab, it will be attached to the same key in the new arrangement, even if it has to create the key to do so.

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Copy files (instead of move) by holding down the alt/option key while you drag.

See the sections below for more details on attaching to each location.


When you are in the All Arrangements tab of a song, you are at the Song level.

Files added to the All Arrangements tab are attached to the Song itself. This means when you add this song to a plan, these files will be available no matter what arrangement or key you choose.


It is generally not recommended to add files at the Song level.

If you have existing files already attached at the Song level, you can simply drag them from the song onto any arrangement tab on the left to move them.


Files attached to an Arrangement will be available for that specific arrangement and all keys within it.

Lyric files should usually be attached to the arrangement since the lyrics won't change when you choose different keys.


Files attached to a Key will only be available for that arrangement and that key.

It is usually best to attach chord charts directly to a key. Then, when you add a song to a plan and choose a key, only the chord chart for that key will appear.

If you upload audio files and plan on transposing them, attach those to the key.

Delete a Song File

To edit file details, hover over the file and click the pencil.

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Click the Delete button to delete the file.

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You can also hover over the file and type x to delete the file.

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