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In Services, you can create editable text documents instead of attaching a PDF or Word file that would need to be edited outside of Planning Center. You can use text documents for things like sermon notes, announcements, or liturgy.

Text documents that you attach to a Plan can also be accessed from Music Stand!

For example, you can create a text document containing service announcements.

From the Media library, click add media.

Add a title to the media, choose Document from the Media Type dropdown, and then click Submit.

From the Files section, click the Add button.

Click Text Document, and then add the document details.

  1. Enter the name you'd like to appear on the media attachment.
  2. Add any text, such as message outlines, drama scripts, or any other type of document you might want to share from your account.
  3. If you have Attachment Types enabled, you can assign those.
  4. When this media is added to a Plan item, import this text to the Item Details field. When you import the text into a plan item, it can be edited from directly within the plan and can even be customized for that one plan without changing the master text document.

Click Submit to attach the file to the media item.

You can then attach the media item to a Plan and anyone with permissions to access Plan items can view it from a Plan in Services or our add-on sheet music reading app, Music Stand.

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