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After you have created teams and set up scheduling templates, it's time to schedule teams to your plan. You can also schedule individual team members and guests.

This article covers scheduling people using templates and needed positions. For instructions on the basics of scheduling team members to a single plan, see the Scheduling Basics article.

Check out the video below to see how to schedule people and notify people of their assignments. The instructions after the video have more details about scheduling teams and guests.

Import a Scheduling Template

After your templates are set up, schedule people to the plan by importing a template into an existing plan.

Choose Import Template from the team dropdown.

Import template menu

Make sure that the correct template is selected and Plan People is checked, and then click Accept to import the template.


Importing a template adds to anything already in the plan. You won't lose anything you've already added to the plan.

If you import a template into a plan and then later change the template, plans with this template will not be updated.

Fill Needed Positions

To fill needed positions from the plan, click on person/people needed for a position.

Needed Positions

 Choose a person or people to fill the needed positions. Ideally, select people that don't have scheduling issues.

Choose Position

You can use the drop-down to see where people on the team were last used anywhere, or last used in the current Folder, Service Type, Team, or Position.

If you have any positions you don't want to forget about but aren't ready to choose people for, you can add additional needed positions. Needed positions that are added to a plan apply only to the plan.

Schedule a Team Member

If you want to schedule additional people from a team, choose Schedule Team Member from the team dropdown.

Schedule Team Member Menu

You can filter the list of team members by position.

If they have conflicts, blockout dates, or scheduling preferences, hover over the colored badges for more information.

Schedule Team Member Modal

Select a team member for the position that you need to schedule, and confirm that their details are correct.

Schedule a Guest

You can schedule individual people from any plan. We generally recommend scheduling using teams, but if you are scheduling someone once, you can do so without assigning them to a team.

This way of scheduling should only be used when scheduling a one-time person or someone who is filling in, not a regular member of your team.

To schedule a guest, choose Schedule Any Person from the team dropdown.

Schedule Any Person Menu

Type the the person's name, and select it from the list.

If the person's name doesn't appear on the list, click Create A New Person to add the person, and then schedule them after they have been added.

Schedule a Person

Confirm that the scheduling details for the person are correct.

Confirm Assigned Times and Scheduling Details
  1. Teams are assigned to specific times; however, you can change those times for specific people. Unchecked times won't appear in their schedule or email and will be grayed out when they view the plan, depending on their permission. To set the default times assigned to each team, edit each time.
  2. Unless you have changed the team settings, the status will default to Unconfirmed. If you change their status to Confirmed or Declined, the notification email they receive will not have the buttons to Accept or Decline.
  3. Hover over the conflict to see if the person has blocked out dates or is already scheduled for times that conflict with the times this team is assigned. You are able to ignore conflicts and schedule the person if necessary.
  4. Confirm the Team, Time, and Position, and change if necessary. If you type in a different position, it will act as a temporary position; it will not be created under your team.
  5. The Replies To Person/People will be notified if the scheduled person accepts or declines.
  6. If you want this person to receive an email inviting them to this plan, check this box. The email will not be sent until you email people with Prepared Notifications. As the email status is changed, you will see those timestamps here.

Click Save to save the person's scheduling information.

Other Scheduling Methods

Here are some other available scheduling methods:

  • Matrix - The Matrix shows you many plans side by side. You can use the Matrix to schedule weeks or months at a time.
  • Auto-schedule - If you have set up your needed positions, you can have Services automatically complete your schedule, avoiding any conflicts or blockout dates.
  • Large Groups - Learn how to schedule an entire group that is not part of a team. You can schedule the whole group to one position, or you can schedule each person to different Positions.
  • Signup Sheets - Enable Signup Sheets for teams within your plans to allow people to sign up for any of their needed positions.
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