Scheduling Additional People

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After scheduling teams to your plan, you might need to schedule additional team members or guests or add temporary positions.

To schedule an additional team member, guest, or temporary position, choose Add People from the team dropdown in a plan.

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Schedule a team member

In the Team Member tab, filter the list of team members.

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  1. Choose the team from the dropdown.

  2. To filter the list by position, type in the position.

  3. To confirm or change a person's scheduling details, select the position.

  4. For more information about a conflict, blockout date or scheduling preference, hover over the badge.

Select a person from the list or assign a new member to the team and position.

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  1. Select a person that's already on the list.

  2. If the person is assigned to more than one position on the team, you can chose the position that you want to schedule them for.

  3. Assign a new person to the team.

When you've selected the person that you can to schedule, click Add.

Schedule a guest

You can schedule a person as a guest if they are not a regular member of your team and they are just filling a position temporarily.

In the Guest tab, type the name of the person that you want to schedule. If the person isn't on the list, you can add them as a new person.

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Click the person's picture to schedule them, choose the position that you want to assign them to, and then click Add.

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If you want to assign the person to a new position just for this plan, assign them to a temporary position.

Assign a temporary position

If you have a position that's not needed very often, you can assign the position as-needed without adding the position to a team.

In the Guest tab, type the name of the person that you want to schedule, and click on the person's name.


If the person isn't on the list, you can add them as a new person.

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Choose the team from the Team dropdown, and enter the temporary position in the Position field.

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Confirm Scheduling Details

Confirm that the scheduling details are correct.

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  1. Change the Confirmation status if you know that the person is already confirmed.

  2. If necessary, assign the person to different times than the defaults for the team.

  3. Confirm the Team and Time for a Split team, and update if necessary.

  4. Confirm that the position is correct. If you are assigning a temporary position, type the position name here.

  5. The Replies To Person/People will be notified if the scheduled person accepts or declines.

  6. Uncheck this box if you want to disable Prepared Notifications.

Click Save to schedule the person.

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